Sunday, 7 October 2012

One evening...

we went to IKEA, felt the motherland was calling me! We had some meatballs and buns for dessert, it's a must!
Really we don't have any furniture from IKEA, but since we moved and the new apartment have noooo storage we where in desperate need of something!

Except for a food coma we did not only find what we where looking for, we also found candles and all sort of small things, necessities for the home!
We actually had a very nice evening.

And stay tuned, the wardrobe, that will convert to a kitchen aid will be really transformed in the next couple of days... A little DIY project.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Well, the moving and packing part is fine, exciting new times and what not... However the unpacking and putting it all into place is the worst!!! We still live with almost all the boxes (it feels like that) and will probably do so for a few weeks.

It's a beautiful old apartment from the 20s dont get me wrong, but not enough cupboards and storage for all our stuff. And let me tell you it's driving me C R A Z Y!

I'm in week 33 now, heavily pregnant and can't lift or move almost anything out of the way. My fiancé is doing so much dirty work and I feel totally useless... did a say it's driving me C R A Z Y!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I'm on bed rest, yes, apparently it's harder to go about with your life like before with the second child coming.
I can admit I have had a bit to much on my mind lately and really thought I could deal with it... But nope!

And we are moving tomorrow, so today I'm doing all our laundry in between naps! So not on total bed rest! But if I need to visit the hospital again before the birth, the Mr Doctor wanted to check me in until my due date. So I'm resting as much as I can!

Hazel Lou Anna

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Last bit of summer

Well, when september arrives I think the summer is officially over, however I'm always clinging to the tiny things that is left. This year it's some pretty flowers in our window!
And if the weather says yes I'm wearing my summer hat!

Hazel Lou Anna

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Taking the day as it comes...

So here I am, on my sick leave, eating lunch by myself. But I'm not complaining, I enjoy the company of myself!
And if I just could get it together I will:
1. Learn how to crochet
2. Buy some new coloured pencils and start to draw again
3. And just think of all the bread I can make...

But first we have to find a new home before October, this is such an energy and time consuming task! And not worthy to be fourth on my list, that's a happy list, everyone need one of them!

Hazel Lou Anna

Monday, 3 September 2012

29 weeks, or was it?!

This pregnancy has been so different from the first one. Sure I don't feel to good, but who does at this stage. Uncomfortable is just one word I will mention in relation to last trimester.
But I have done it before, so I'm not complaining, the first time it was harder, everything was new, you didn't know what was right or wrong.

I so did keep track of every week and what was new and what was to expect from the growing baby and my own body.
Let's just say I'm more mellow this time around, take the pregnancy as it comes.
Eating healthy, going on my check ups and doing my yoga, that's enough.

Friday, 31 August 2012


Test baking for an upcoming birthday. Red velvet cupcakes with frosting and oatmeal cookies! The first attempt ended in an brilliant result!

Next I will try some raspberry cupcakes with the fruit and frosting inside. Heaven (and a little bit of a dangerous place) for a pregnant women!