Thursday, 30 June 2011

yeah yeah yeah!

Me yesterday, photo booting the result of playing hairdresser, needed to cut my fringe, badly. Even though I´m terrible at it I dedicated about 40 minutes in front of the bathroom mirror to cut it anyway. Which I regret today!

Right now I´m currently packing, repacking, making lists, baking nice low-in-sugar cardamom buns for the train ride, making a movie list for my son (so he doesn't  get bored to death on our way to Stockholm), let me just tell you a portable DVD player for kids is the shit!

I have also made some really nice purchases on ASOS (by the way ASOS has super nice summer sale with free shipping world wide, can you imagine, I´m in heaven). So I ordered a little bit of something, something for myself. From TBA among other things, the parcel is waiting for me at my dads place back in Sweden, I can barely wait!

Anyway, for you twitter fans out there, I joined... still trying to figure out how it works, I´m getting there... maybe! Still, it´s actually great fun, so please come follow me... Here I´m

Oh, and I will soon be up and running more frequently, I have just had a few to many things on my mind lately, and I´m not that very use to blogging yet. So it´s the same as for twitter I´m getting there!


Monday, 20 June 2011

I´m terrible at updating right now, sorry, trying to figure out our summer vacation plans in a rainy Oslo, I´ll be with you very shortly!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

pretty dresses

fell in love with this vintage inspired dress from Oasis
Let me tell you again that if my wallet was a bit bigger I would buy it in a heartbeat. 
It´s a shame really, I´m sure we would have had a lovely time together.


a day in the life...

... when it´s pouring outside is best spent with a picnic on the living room floor, puzzles and games like memorie (is that what this game is called in English too?)

he is still a bit to small to play this game whit the back of the cards facing up, but it´s still great fun, he likes it. The Illustrations on the play cards are taken from one of my favourite children's author and illustrator. We have one book at home from Jan Lööf which I will show you some pictures out of soon. It´s magical and wonderful just as a children's book should be.


Friday, 10 June 2011

up on the walls

I have been obsessing over picture/painting walls for a while now.
And we have finally start putting some nails up over our living room sofa.
It´s not finished yet so, still have some pictures and painting going up, but for me it´s a big process sense I have collected inspiration for such a long time now.

a bit of Paris, a bit of New York, The Beatles are up there, so are still an empty frame and a tiny shelf for candles and such, and there is also some important family portrait missing

I have a small collection in the hallway as well. The top painting is bought on an art fair i Paris, the lower from the left I found in my grandparents basement (they still don´t know I borrowed it, sorry) and the little dark blue one is actually a twig with leafs made out of fish scales and bought in the Azores.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

drip drop

It´s been raining constantly all day long, it´s tropic weather in Oslo today. Even though I rather stay inside I need to get out and do some grocery shopping. 
So I might as well do the best out of it...

... which means wearing a floppy hat...

... polka dot dress and some matching red and white boots...

... and top it all of with a horse printed cardigan


Sunday, 5 June 2011

O Thrift Shops, Where Art Thou?

miss my London thrift shops, I haven't found any decent once in my new city... yet!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

flowers in my hair

Always when I am not suppose to shop anything I find lots and lots of pretty things... this flower crown was hanging right in front of  me as I walked in to a store, just begging me to try in on.
Did you know we live in a city, the most expensive city in the world if I remember correctly, it is sometimes so ridiculously expensive here that these small items can make a huge difference in your wallet (read make a big hole in your wallet).
Anyway me trying this on only ended in a purchase.


Friday, 3 June 2011

three little things about me...

  • In the past I have studied art and I love to read about the history of art
  • I think butterflies are kind of scary 
  • I am a neat freak, I actually enjoy cleaning and I get kind of grumpy if anyone helps me and they do it the "wrong" way (wrong way= not my way)
Update coming soon!
I have been a bit uninspired lately (due to the cold scandinavian spring that never wants to turn in to summer).
But yesterday it took a turn for the better and it seems that we finally can see the sun in the end of this dark frosty tunnel.

First I am going to take a short walk in those new high heels I bought last week, terrible blisters here I come...