Saturday, 30 April 2011

hats of

I love hats, I have loved hats since I was a little girl, my grandma have loads and loads, so I was introduced at a very young age...
I especially love berets. I threw some of them out when we moved, they had kind of done there part.
But here is the once that I frequently use:

This is my favorite, a vintage one from the 60s, Mary Quant for Kangol

For next autumn I am looking for the perfect yellow and brown shade and I also need a new navy blue beret.


Friday, 29 April 2011

photo evidence

Yes, I followed the whole wedding... oh, the Alexander Mcqueen dress, beautiful, Kate Middleton was just stunning and Prince William was... carrying a lot of medals!

the headline says: "William whispers: You are beautiful..."

hot tip

If you have a lot of cans in your pantry, when you are finished with the content... do not throw them all out, use them as pots. If you do not like the silver metallic feel you can always paint them in fun colors. I like mine just they way they are (except for the label, that I scrape of).

It is growing wild strawberries in our cans.

and the most delicious combination ever; apple juice and lime, my favorite nonalcoholic summer beverage, but it would probably taste great with vodka in there too


Thursday, 28 April 2011

my easter sunday

we had a really nice barbecue in the garden, the weather was lovely 

the sun gives my nose freckles

I felt that it was time to finally wear some light colored dresses and I could leave my sailor jacket inside, a horse printed  cardigan was all I needed, spring is wonderful. But I am obsessed with berets so they will stay put for a while longer... more on the berets later

and finally, I do not want to brag but I have quite the green thumb, but for a while I was worried that this lovely hydrangea was about to die on me, but she changed her mind. Ironically enough her name is Daisy... oh, I love to name things around the house.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

our easter day

Our family tradition on easter day (except for eating a lot of good food and candy), is to paint eggs in the morning, eggs that I, after lunch hide all around the garden and then we fill our sons head with some mombojumbo that the easter bunny have laid eggs during the night and we must go find them all... he seems to think that this makes perfect sense and there is no follow up questions when the last egg he finds is filled with candy and the hunt is over.
Waring: Picture cavalcade!

but first and foremost you need to be dressed up as a witch, it is true! In our home country there is a belief that the witches flew to something called "BlĂ„kulla", roughly translated "The Blue Hill"... well this is a very long story made short: "Kids dress up as witches and goes around asking for candy. To make the look perfect you need a kerchief on the head, a apron, and some make-up; red cheeks and painted freckles"

as we do not live in our home country, we only did the candy part in the garden... here hunting for eggs, that the strange bunny laid



the grand final, mother of all easter eggs

he never really had candy before, so this was like big deal, for us I guess, because he ate this piece and then he only wanted the fruit, strange kid


a nice weekend indeed

We had a lovely Easter...

... we painted easter eggs, all mine got tiny little bows

made some marzipan chickens, a family tradition

mine got a tiny beret

watched the bumblebees getting ready for spring and summer


was amazed over how fast the spring came to us, over the weekend the garden almost stood in full bloom

played some more

ate a lot of home baked treats 

was out and about

and packed a bag for a long day out of town with new friends


Monday, 25 April 2011

mix and match

I love mixing patterns, for our home for my outfits... flowers with stripes, what´s not to like!?
But, I also LOVE an extreme match like the once from TBA below:

Look at this outfit, it´s perfection, if it wasn't for my tiny wallet this combo would be in my wardrobe in a heartbeat 

However I have tried to make this extreme match with some garments more suitable for my means. But I´m still waiting, impatiently, for the parcel which will complete my look, stay tuned!

Photo Credit: 1, 2

Saturday, 23 April 2011

happy easter hunt

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, with lots and lots of good food, candy and painted eggs for breakfast! I know I will!

Photo Credit

Thursday, 21 April 2011

sail away

Needles to say, but I just have to, this is one of my favorite items hanging in my wardrobe.
I bought it a couple of years ago in a little shop called "AppleThree Boutique" on Neals Street in Covent Garden, London.

Couldn't, wouldn't want to live without it!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi is one of my favorite photographers.

These images is some of the once I have collected over the years all over the web for inspiration, so I don´t really know the source for each picture. But they are all taken by Paolo Roversi. That´s the important part.

my day in pictures

Well at least pictures from the first half of my day.
It´s laundry day, not that much excitement going on.

Started they day of with a grapefruit, I have found a a fruit stall in our new neighborhood that have the most amazing sweet and tasty grapefruits, It´s a perfect way to kick start the day (I eat more for breakfast don´t worry, but when it´s laundry day, I eat bits and pieces spread through out the day).

I then rearranged our centerpiece with some old tiny rocks of mine and some moss

I picked the black rocks from Black Sand Beach on Maui, and the "red/purple" once are from a stone beach in China (they have traveled a long way to take part in my centerpiece)

In between the laundry I also planted some seeds for our balcony... cant wait for the summer now

And a glimpse of my favorite hairdo at the moment, It´s so easy to manage and the result is soft and feminine


Monday, 18 April 2011

new additions...

New in our home!
The stool is vintage and we are debating whether to change the fabric on top or not. 
The yellow bowl is from Finish Marimekko, I love yellow, perfect for easter as well.


Saturday, 16 April 2011

early bird breakfast

On Saturdays I usually make scones for breakfast (most because my little one loves them, he is not a big fan of bread otherwise). Lately I have tried to mix things up a bit but I find that hard with scones.

Here is my recipe for Hazelnuts scones:
8 dl Flour
½ tsp Salt
4 tsp Baking powder
100 g Butter or margarine
4 dl Milk
(1 tsp Suger, optional, I never use it)
And finally my not-so-secret- ingredient Hazelnuts (add as many hazelnuts as you like)

Set your owen on 225 degrees C and put baking parchment on a baking tray.
Mix all the dry ingredients i a bowl, hack the butter or margarine in small pieces and work them in to the dry ingredients. Then shop up the desired amount of hazelnuts and mix them evenly in the bowl.
Finally you add the milk and work it in to a scone batter... do not overdo it.
Put the batter on to the baking parchment evenly so they make round cakes and make marks with a knife so you get for pieces on one cake.
Bake for approximately 13 minutes, then they are all done.

They are best served with tea (it is the tiny little english girl I have inside of me that is telling you so) and they are best topped with butter and honey.