Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane...

A band who once saved me from sinking to deep in to the dark era of my teenage years sang:
"The picture never drops it’s like a multicoloured snapshot
Stuck in my brain it kept me sane
For a couple of years as it drenched my fears
Of becoming like the others
Who become unhappy mothers
And fathers of unhappy kids
And why is that?
‘Cause they’ve forgotten how to play
Or maybe they’re afraid to feel ashamed
To seem strange, to seem insane
To gain weight, to seem gay
I tell you this:
That it takes a fool to remain sane"


Sunday, 21 August 2011

A sundays blog decoration...

I´m taking Sunday off! Need to sleep, eat, play with my son and have some quality time with the future husband. Hope you all have a nice day!
Found these sweethearts yesterday, up in our attic, love to find hidden treasures in my home.
I really don´t know what they should be called though, oven mittens doesn't sound right.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

looking back on yesteryears highlights...

I´m a sucker for everything made in the past... I love the music, the fashion, the arts, just imagine having a time machine, I wouldn´t know where to go first...
Back to the 30´s for the wonderful swing music maybe, or to the 50s and buy some beautiful dresses, or just strolling Carnaby street in the 60´s, or why not go to the 70´s and get some inspiration from the bohemian hippies... I can go on and on, but I won't, you get my drift.
until I get my time machine I just have to use my imagination

(unfortunately I don´t have the source for the Twiggy and Edie Segwich images, they have lived in my inspiration folder for so long I don´t remember where I got them, I´m so sorry)

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination" -Oscar Wild

Friday, 19 August 2011

Welcome to there's a girl in my soup...

... she is the girl with only dresses hanging in her wardrobe, always with a Nikon camera on her shoulder, a vintage lover, with a dream of opening her own vintage/antique shop and... oh, she got a thing for everything that taste like mint!

  I´m happy you stopped by, please feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question!
Hope you all have a nice day!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

todays dinner...

part of this evenings dinner... I will let you know how they turned out!
oh, it´s going to be spring rolls...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Saturday on a Tuesday...

a few pictures from my saturday:
preparing for sushi, I could eat sushi everyday!
drank this wonderful stout beer later in the evening, tasted a lot like chocolate, me like!
popcorn and a movie "Across The Universe", have you seen it!? LOVE IT
I think my dress resembled the popcorn quite a bit...
I had a house cleaning day, but it was still a good Saturday!
Hoped you had a nice Saturday too!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Corners of my home...

I just love this phone, yes it´s real!
this is my grandpas old clarinet, we have heard he was quite the clarinet- player. However he never let anybody of his children or grandchildren hear. He always had the clarinet as part of his home decor and since he died, I have had it in my home.
It started with one... I soon realized that I needed more of them. What´s not to love about these Marimekko bowls. At the moment they are acting as light holders. But I´m collecting pine cones for the big one  
I´m a big fan of The Beatles, this pin has been on my sons Fjällräven backpack but fell off. Now Ringo Starr is lying on a shelf in the master bedroom


Sunday, 14 August 2011

on monday...

... I think I´ll have to make a "Corners of my home" post, it´s been way to long since my last one.
See you tomorrow!
Have a lovely Sunday!

oppsy daisy!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Yesterday was filled with cleaning and today is going to be filled with rain (=baking cookies and bread)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I Got The Blues

The colour blue has not always been my favourite colour. But a couple of years ago I started glimpsing towards the ocean hue. Now, everywhere I look, especially in my wardrobe, there´s different shades of blue, aqua, marine, sea foam, you name it, I probably got it! Before, I always went for black if there was other options of colours to choose from, now I go directly for the blue one.
Here´s some of my newest addisons(plus some other blue colours chattered around the house, I have a thing for origami cranes, our home is flooded with them).
The TBA dress, I got in on the summer sale at ASOS, I absolutely feel in love with collar
who doesn't love blueberries!?
sailor jumper from Boutique by Jaeger, I´m a sucker for jailor collars. Have always had a fascination for uniforms and old edwardian children's wear with the pretty collars and bows...
... I guess this is my way to act it out
and my aqua blue clogs, they are so comfortable it´s almost scary, I can probably go out for a run in them... but I won't!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Preschool time

In one month my son is starting preschool for the first time, I´m the one that´s super nervous. Mostly about the cost (it´s very expensive here in Norway), and I´m also very nervous about the fact that I need to send a lunchbox with him every day! Have scouted the stores in Oslo after good lunch boxes, however no one has reached my expectations on how a good lunch box should look like!
But I found one on the internet that should be perfect for us, and has all that I´m looking for. They are called Goodbyn
how smart is this, recycled plastic, in a bento box style. It´s seems like perfection to me.

Oslo Fashion Week: Ingunn Birkeland Oslo

Ingunn Birkeland Oslo vernissage and performance. I´m a sucker for shoes! And Ingunn Birkeland had some pretty amazing ones (among other things) on her vernissage Thursday evening.
Lets have a look:
shoes and clutches in playful colours, bobbin-net and amazing woven masterpieces
how cute!?
performance, with sheer white dresses
I love the art work on the wall, I would love to hang on of these in my living room
Santa, if you read this, I want a pair in size 38, they are for my future wedding, I promise you they will be well used!
These shoes really caught my eye, she had amazing ballerinas and other high heels too, but I think I snapped seven pics of these sweethearts before heading out.
live music, got to love live music! His necktie was a really nice touch.

Oslo fashion Week: SCA ULVEN

I was amazed with SCA ULVENS fashion show yesterday evening. I will not be surprised if they show there collections in Stockholm or Copenhagen in the future. 
Well made, with a tailored- like feeling, yet silky and light, with wonderful cuts and shapes. Some of the more advanced garments where like beautiful constructions. The seam work was so thought through.
Overall I pict up a tiny asian vibe in the otherwise Scandinavian simplicity and minimalist design that is so well executed in these parts of Europe. I LOVED IT!

I loved the caped backs
simple, yet a statement with bold cuff like bangles and big black collar like necklaces...
cute circular caps! The colour black run through the collection like a thread, even though other colours where represented. However loved the powdery almost pinkish hue on some of the garments.
and to have the guts to let the models wear flats... LOVE IT EVEN MORE! Some of the best and most amazing shows I have been to in London the models have been wearing brogue shoes.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Oslo Fashion Week: Armando Santos

Okey so, Oslo Fashion Week, my first show Armando Santos (cute guy).
The funny thing about these fashion weeks, where ever you go, it doesn't matter which city it´s in, you can always find these stereotypes among the crowd. 
You have the front row gals that´s trying to look as superior as is humanly possible (I don´t care for those), you have a small selection of friends/family/hardcore fans(they will be sure to wear the latest collection, or something from the previous collections with the designers label in the back), you have the asian students, the ones with way to high heels and way to big hats, the bloggers (happy to be in the third row) and then there is the boyfriends, with terrified eyes, wondering what the hell they are doing there...
Back to Armando Santos.
(I´m apologizing for poor quality on the pictures, I got a bit shoved around by a wine drinking lady sitting next
to me)
location, location, location...

in shades of lilac, grey and white, he had explored with different types of fabrics. With an exquisite eye for details, this dress was a perfect example on very good craftsmanship. 

translucent in the right places, some with crocheted details. Overall a very Norwegian feel, (what I could here) the all Scandinavian music helped along the way to a fresh runway show.

Me personally would have wanted more garments along the catwalk (I know Armando has worked blood sweat and tears for the collection, all designers do). But I wanted to see more... more outfits and a faster pace. I would also preferred a different hairstyle on the models, and actually I would have preferred them walking barefoot. But that´s just me!
I had to borrow an image on my favourite dress from the collection, so pretty!
photo taken by Dimitry K Valberg for Oslo Fashion Week website


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

not without my boater hat...

When I saw them on the catwalk by Marc Jacobs a couple of years ago, I was hocked, and have been wearing my boater hat ever sense


wednesdays breakfast

today Oslo Fashion Week starts (well actually it started yesterday, but I´m going on my first show today so). I have never been to Oslo Fashion Week before, I have not heard so much about it either, but once in Rome...
I´m super exited though! Until now I have known very little, to nothing about Norwegian fashion. 
I´ll keep you updated!
Until that I leave with a picture of my favourite summer breakfast
yoghurt, fresh peaches, blueberries, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds. On the side I had a glass of orange juice and (as you can see not in picture) cup of coffee and a soft boiled egg.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011


... with my OPI "Big Apple Red" nail polish...

my autumn flats (I get blisters really easily when braking in new shoes, a day or two with socks makes it a bit easier). And yes, they are in different shades of pink