Thursday, 26 May 2011

easy lunch

instant noodles with a soft boiled egg, it doesn't get easier than that


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

note to self

I have had a couple of days feeling low, you know the feeling, there is now specific reason why, I just feel like this some times, maybe this note to self can cheer me up:

1. need to find more easy recipes, it should still be fun to cook with children in the house, any good food blogs out there?
2. need to take a long hard look in the wardrobe, I always say it is empty, need to dig deep in the piles of fabrics and start using those "non" existing garments again, and again, and again
3. and all those shoes I own, I love shoes, but I always get blisters from new once, unfortunately that does not stop be from buying more... so I HAVE TO START WALK WALK WALK in those pretty shoes I own!


Saturday, 21 May 2011

syttende mai...

... which means 17th of May, and a very, very important date in Norway. 17th of May is Norways national day, and to say it is celebrated is an understatement! Norwegians go all in on 17th of May.
Here are my pics from that day:

almost everyone was wearing these traditional Norwegian costumes, they where beautiful

we had also bought ourself a flag to wave in the crowd outside of the royal palace

this is actually the Crown Prince Haakon and his wife Mette Marit (which I think is really cool)

they where selling these ridiculous expensive balloons, they where pretty, but we made no purchase

afterwards we ate strawberries and whipped cream... a pretty good 17th of May


Friday, 20 May 2011

a healthier snack

Finally its artichokes season...

... indulge yourself!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

what i am eyeballing right now

Shopping is for the people who have money (therefor, sadly NOT me). But I just love the Swedish Hasbeens clogs (who does not). I am such a huge fan. The quirky colours such as green and mint are the once I am eyeballing most at the moment. The Combat Boot in Natural is also to die for. 
One could always wish!

Friday, 13 May 2011

dumplings in the making... earlier today

I did not think I would write so much about food, but I cant help myself right now...
However this is what has been going on in my kitchen today:

mmm, dumplings

hope everyone have a wonderful weekend


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

last weekends adventures

a Norwegian military boat was lying in the harbor... how cute is this sailor!?

there was also this "Danish Day", people was wearing these costumes and having a parade, great fun

my son is a Peter Pan fan and was convinced that this was Captain Hook

there was also these competitions in what I assume is wakeboard?!

we ate some good food and danced 

on sunday we went by boat to this island I do not remember the name of...

... and also we tried out our new sandbox toys 

Hope you all have a nice Thursday!


a perfect shade

nail polish and lipgloss in orange, I wear it all year around but I especially enjoy wearing it in spring and in the summer...


Monday, 9 May 2011

now and then

a little over a year ago (around the same time as London Fashion Week, I remember because I was living in London and attending some pretty good shows that year) I changed my hair colour... a pretty huge step from blond to dark, dark brown. Well in between now and then I have landed on red as well (I love red, if it wasn't for the fading after just one wash I would be a redhead for the rest of my life).

Anyways, I found my old camera with lots and lots of old photos, a few of me, sporting my very blond hair

I cant believe this is me, feels like such a long time ago... I miss it a bit, but hey, whatever! 

I remember how hard it was to find anything that matched my new shade, my wardrobe felt way different, my makeup... it was actually a nice feeling, a bit scary!

do not even ask about this photo, however the dress was one of my favorite that summer (from Dahlia) and I think I have to start using it again (good thing I found that camera after all)

me trying out red, red, red

and this is the colour I have today, I did not think I would enjoy brown (well dark brown) the way I do, it will be a while until I go back to being that blond like in the beginning 


Saturday, 7 May 2011

memories from my childhood

This is such a easy pie to make, you have to make it yourself to believe it. And when you already in the making, make 2 batches, put the other one in the freezer and save for impromptu guests. You can make this pie with apples, berries, peaches, well with whatever filling you prefer!

Mix the dry ingredients, then chop the butter in and work it all together to a crumbly dough. I find that using 1 dl of oatmeal instead of 2 dl flour makes the pie taste all toffee, crumbly- like (hot tip)

important! As you also can see I am in desperate need of a proper pie plate

be sure to wash them thoroughly 

try to make them evenly sized

rhubarb, as you all know is quite sour in taste, so DO NOT FORGET ABOUT TO PUT SUGER ON TOP,  I use to sprinkle some potato flour on top as well (before the sugar), but you do not have to. The potato flour helps the filling be more "jelly" like and not so runny

pop in the owen on 225 degrees C, leave it in for approximately 25 minutes or until the pie have reached a golden crusty surface. Let the pie cool and then ENJOY!

one photograph is missing, and that is the final one of the pie on the plate ready to be served and eaten, but our guest ate the whole thing up before I could even get a snapshot...



Friday, 6 May 2011

corners of my home...

we found this sweet little boy in an old photo album in our summer cabinet, the clue that had once stuck him to a page had dried so he fell out when we took the album down from its shelf. We do not know who it is, but we call him "Gustav" and he is now living in this cute vintage frame in our sons room

finally I got my lavender

who needs curtains...

reindeer horn from Sweden 
a tiny part of my fianc├ęs childhood

this vintage dresser was red in the beginning, but we pimped it with some contrast colors 


Thursday, 5 May 2011


I really do not know if I can call something a collection when I only have three of them.
Perhaps a collection to be.
However I love my vintage cameras, even if most of them doesn't work, I only use them as decoration anyways.

I am pretty sure I have another one somewhere, but it is lost after the big move

I like this one the most, because not only is it my grandpas old camera, it still works as well