Friday, 2 September 2011

long time...

Okey, so it´s officially autumn, cant say I´m thrilled. One part of me is okey with the colder temperatures, the leafs getting all yellow- orange-  and redish, I can finally start wearing some layers, knitted sweaters and 150 den. tights. 
But still, one tiny part of me is in desperate need of some more summer vacation together with the family. Well cant do anything about the change of season can I!? 
Also sorry for the absence here at Hazels Soup, I have been with my son on his brand new preschool this week (oh my he is getting all kinds of big now).
Anyway, since my camera is malfunctioning a bit, I will share the first six pics from my "hair inspiration"- folder on my desktop on the lovely Zooey Descanel (and I don´t think I have to mention that I have huge girl crush on this lady, anything else would be foolish I think).

I will credit these wonderful pics to my favourite magazine LULA

the two last pictures I really don´t know where about on the World Wide Web I found them (I never saved the site name, I never thought I would start blogging)sorry for that!

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