Thursday, 30 June 2011

yeah yeah yeah!

Me yesterday, photo booting the result of playing hairdresser, needed to cut my fringe, badly. Even though I´m terrible at it I dedicated about 40 minutes in front of the bathroom mirror to cut it anyway. Which I regret today!

Right now I´m currently packing, repacking, making lists, baking nice low-in-sugar cardamom buns for the train ride, making a movie list for my son (so he doesn't  get bored to death on our way to Stockholm), let me just tell you a portable DVD player for kids is the shit!

I have also made some really nice purchases on ASOS (by the way ASOS has super nice summer sale with free shipping world wide, can you imagine, I´m in heaven). So I ordered a little bit of something, something for myself. From TBA among other things, the parcel is waiting for me at my dads place back in Sweden, I can barely wait!

Anyway, for you twitter fans out there, I joined... still trying to figure out how it works, I´m getting there... maybe! Still, it´s actually great fun, so please come follow me... Here I´m

Oh, and I will soon be up and running more frequently, I have just had a few to many things on my mind lately, and I´m not that very use to blogging yet. So it´s the same as for twitter I´m getting there!



  1. I think your fringe looks great, I've always been way too scared to cut my own. Yay for being brave! Off to follow you on Twitter xo

  2. Thank you so much!
    When low in cash, you learn to be brave, that´s for sure!
    I have cut my fringe for a while now, it´s actually much harder with dark hair. Which results in me cutting a small amount of fringe every day until it gets perfect, so I have a few days left until I´m satisfied. However right at this moment it actually looks like I have been cut by a blind lady :)