Friday, 10 June 2011

up on the walls

I have been obsessing over picture/painting walls for a while now.
And we have finally start putting some nails up over our living room sofa.
It´s not finished yet so, still have some pictures and painting going up, but for me it´s a big process sense I have collected inspiration for such a long time now.

a bit of Paris, a bit of New York, The Beatles are up there, so are still an empty frame and a tiny shelf for candles and such, and there is also some important family portrait missing

I have a small collection in the hallway as well. The top painting is bought on an art fair i Paris, the lower from the left I found in my grandparents basement (they still don´t know I borrowed it, sorry) and the little dark blue one is actually a twig with leafs made out of fish scales and bought in the Azores.


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