Tuesday, 20 September 2011

at the circus

So two weeks ago we went to the circus, I know what some of you might think about that, I know there's different opinions about the animals and so on. But here in Scandinavia there's really tight regulations.

Anyway that's not what this post is about and I don't want to get further or deeper in to the subject at the moment, I just want to show you some photos of our great time at the circus. It was only me who had been once before, but we will surely go again if the opportunity present itself. It was amazing! 
This is before the show starts, my son was amazed with the huge stars and the big disco ball in the tent ceiling, he had seen nothing yet!
I can actually report that I tried to make my son taste candy-floss, but he didn't even want to touch it, good boy! We ended up giving it away to a very happy little girl (with her parents approval, of course)  

Cowboys/Cowgirls on a circus, I would never have guessed! They where pretty good too, the girl lost her clothes to some sort of a lasso whip... great fun!

This performance was just so beautiful, can´t even comprehend how she did this on a stick, several feet in the air without anything but a guy's shoulder as support
and the main attraction! My son was so exited about the elephant, his jaw dropped to the floor when the elephant entered the circus ring!
It was such a nice afternoon!

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