Friday, 16 December 2011

You know the time will come, peace on earth for everyone

So what have I been up to lately!? I'm not going to bore you with flue- cold- or -stomach bugs (which is totally the reason it has been so quite at these parts of the web by the way), that... and a new job that I'm not use to doing is to blame, it has been consuming a lot of my time I'm afraid.
But now... finally, I'm starting to feel more human again (thanking my lucky star for that, can you believe it's Christmas in like 7 days, ohhh, we celebrate it the 24th of December in Scandinavia).
And this is actually the first year as a family we're not going back home, so it's a lot of planning, planning and then again... planning!
BUT, I love it!
Our little gingerbread house, my son, the naughty Little Mrs M, has already eaten the door of the house and the Christmas tree that we had outside of it!
And this is our biggest D.I.Y project so far this season. My sons very own Advent calendar, with wrapped gifts and all. Not anything fancy or expensive (could not afford that). Let me tell you, the best present yet was a tape reel that he could do what ever with, we had some pretty nice sculptural works of art here a couple of days a go. He loved it, we loved it! So nothing fancy required!

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