Saturday, 3 September 2011

recipes for those who are in a hurry

How beautiful is these potatoes!? I almost didn't want to eat them up!

By the way this might be the worst post ever, but if you´re in a hurry, I´ll get you an easy, quick and healthy dinner recipe, okey?! Okey...

You will need: Some potatoes (of your choice), a big sweet potato/or two, half a swede and a fennel/or two. Shop them all up and put them on a owen plate (we are making fries baby), seasoning after taste and pour some olive oil on it and stir everything around.
Put the owen on 175 degrees C. Whilst the owen is heating up take your salmon pieces and season them with some salt and pepper, then turn them in sesame seeds so all the sides are covered, yummy, yummy!
When the owen is ready put the potatoes in (obviously), remember that this can always differ from one owen to another, but I do it like this: After I have put the owen plate in I set the timer on 15 min. After the 15 min I stir the potatoes a bit, then I put my salmon pieces on top of the potatoes before closing the owen and putting the timer on an additional 25 min (depending on the size of the fish, however when the fish easily falls apart and your potatoes are nice and soft, tada, it's finished).
Note: You can top it all of with veggies or gravy.
I top mine of with low fat soured cream, and my sons plate with some ketchup to dip the fries in.


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