Saturday, 7 May 2011

memories from my childhood

This is such a easy pie to make, you have to make it yourself to believe it. And when you already in the making, make 2 batches, put the other one in the freezer and save for impromptu guests. You can make this pie with apples, berries, peaches, well with whatever filling you prefer!

Mix the dry ingredients, then chop the butter in and work it all together to a crumbly dough. I find that using 1 dl of oatmeal instead of 2 dl flour makes the pie taste all toffee, crumbly- like (hot tip)

important! As you also can see I am in desperate need of a proper pie plate

be sure to wash them thoroughly 

try to make them evenly sized

rhubarb, as you all know is quite sour in taste, so DO NOT FORGET ABOUT TO PUT SUGER ON TOP,  I use to sprinkle some potato flour on top as well (before the sugar), but you do not have to. The potato flour helps the filling be more "jelly" like and not so runny

pop in the owen on 225 degrees C, leave it in for approximately 25 minutes or until the pie have reached a golden crusty surface. Let the pie cool and then ENJOY!

one photograph is missing, and that is the final one of the pie on the plate ready to be served and eaten, but our guest ate the whole thing up before I could even get a snapshot...



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