Monday, 9 May 2011

now and then

a little over a year ago (around the same time as London Fashion Week, I remember because I was living in London and attending some pretty good shows that year) I changed my hair colour... a pretty huge step from blond to dark, dark brown. Well in between now and then I have landed on red as well (I love red, if it wasn't for the fading after just one wash I would be a redhead for the rest of my life).

Anyways, I found my old camera with lots and lots of old photos, a few of me, sporting my very blond hair

I cant believe this is me, feels like such a long time ago... I miss it a bit, but hey, whatever! 

I remember how hard it was to find anything that matched my new shade, my wardrobe felt way different, my makeup... it was actually a nice feeling, a bit scary!

do not even ask about this photo, however the dress was one of my favorite that summer (from Dahlia) and I think I have to start using it again (good thing I found that camera after all)

me trying out red, red, red

and this is the colour I have today, I did not think I would enjoy brown (well dark brown) the way I do, it will be a while until I go back to being that blond like in the beginning 


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