Sunday, 3 July 2011

Girl Crush!

We all have girl crushes, you know does sweet, pretty, flawless girls we sometime wishes we could be more like or is just so darn cute to look at.
My girl crush have been with me for many, many years and a tiny part of me wouldn't mind be more like her (minus the ghosts of course). I´m talking about Melinda Gordon the fictional character from Ghost Whisperer played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I love Melindas pretty vintage dresses, her perfect long curly hair, and my good the eyelashes, and she´s walking around in her sky high platform heels like it where sneakers, that wonderful house with the perfect front porch, and that pretty little antique shop she owns, and man can she cry... you see, you catch my drift, the list goes on and on!

Who is your Girl Crush?

Couldn't find one picture resembling the story I just told, but it will do! And also I´m sorry I don´t know the source of the picture, I´m terrible!


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