Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Saturday on a Tuesday!?

Saturday I had to wake up bright and early, because on Sundays the shops are closed here in Norway (freaky I know), and I had still a lot of loose ends to tie up before our bus and train ride to Sweden Monday morning.
So I headed out in a nice blue flowery dress and my sailor jacket (yes it was raining and quite cold, what else).

That´s me!

and that´s my blue flowery dress!

walked passed this amazing almost hidden, private garden (the picture doesn't serve it justice), took a snapshot. It was like taken out of a romantic movie, with nooks and corners made out of apple threes, berry bushes and a herbal gardens. Imagine sitting in an arbor hidden from the world, drinking tea in a vintage cup! Sigh!

Anyway, bought some gifts for a friends new baby and the family back home.

Someone will have nice glittering earlobes this summer for sure!

Ended the day with a glass of rosé wine in front of a movie. (The lack of light made the pic blurred, not the content of the glass that had been already drunken, I only had that glass, I swear:)
So that was my Saturday, well, there was a lot of cleaning, washing and packing as well, of course, but that´s no fun to look at!

Hope you all have nice day!


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