Wednesday, 27 April 2011

our easter day

Our family tradition on easter day (except for eating a lot of good food and candy), is to paint eggs in the morning, eggs that I, after lunch hide all around the garden and then we fill our sons head with some mombojumbo that the easter bunny have laid eggs during the night and we must go find them all... he seems to think that this makes perfect sense and there is no follow up questions when the last egg he finds is filled with candy and the hunt is over.
Waring: Picture cavalcade!

but first and foremost you need to be dressed up as a witch, it is true! In our home country there is a belief that the witches flew to something called "BlĂ„kulla", roughly translated "The Blue Hill"... well this is a very long story made short: "Kids dress up as witches and goes around asking for candy. To make the look perfect you need a kerchief on the head, a apron, and some make-up; red cheeks and painted freckles"

as we do not live in our home country, we only did the candy part in the garden... here hunting for eggs, that the strange bunny laid



the grand final, mother of all easter eggs

he never really had candy before, so this was like big deal, for us I guess, because he ate this piece and then he only wanted the fruit, strange kid


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