Wednesday, 13 April 2011

corners of my home...

Me and my family have moved a lot in the past years, but now I´m finally having a feeling that we will stay put for a while. We have lived in our new-place-new city-new-country- for little over 2 months now... and I´m really enjoying myself.
Our home is filled with everything from vintage, quirky one-of-a-kinds, homemade and minimalist pieces.
I always tend to move our home decor around so I find myself getting new favorites every week.

Here you have a sneak peek from our home and what seems to be my favorite things at the moment:

This lamp is over 50 years old and still going strong, just love it!

I have had this, what actually is a teapot, made in to a flowerpot (I really don´t drink much tea). And I also have a hard time giving up freshly cut flowers, as you can see

Took a little bit of the garden inside yesterday and placed it in a big old milk bottle

I love jewelry, don´t you!?

A frame from last weekends flea market hunt, a tiny project, the frame will contain one of my illustrations. The origami cranes I made myself (the only origami folding I can handle, but they are cute)

Bought this Lucky Cat in China once, and I couldn't imagine our home without it

 I love globes, I which a had a bunch more, this one is from my grandparents and the dancing Hawaiian girl is actually a souvenir from a Maui vaccination

I have a lot of boxes, big boxes, small boxes, round boxes... They are great for storage and pretty to look at 

A tiny tiny little porslin rabbit, this is also a souvenir (BIG chock), we spent a weekend in Riga and this little guy just had to come home with me, he fitted in my pocket, very handy

Children's shoes, also bought in China, I have a pair of red and blue once as well. They are so darn cute, but I  still don´t know if the children actually suppose to wear them or if they are for decorative use only!? Do anyone know?


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