Tuesday, 19 April 2011

my day in pictures

Well at least pictures from the first half of my day.
It´s laundry day, not that much excitement going on.

Started they day of with a grapefruit, I have found a a fruit stall in our new neighborhood that have the most amazing sweet and tasty grapefruits, It´s a perfect way to kick start the day (I eat more for breakfast don´t worry, but when it´s laundry day, I eat bits and pieces spread through out the day).

I then rearranged our centerpiece with some old tiny rocks of mine and some moss

I picked the black rocks from Black Sand Beach on Maui, and the "red/purple" once are from a stone beach in China (they have traveled a long way to take part in my centerpiece)

In between the laundry I also planted some seeds for our balcony... cant wait for the summer now

And a glimpse of my favorite hairdo at the moment, It´s so easy to manage and the result is soft and feminine


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