Thursday, 14 April 2011

listen to this

"Mr F. Fox dreams of moving to Paris, he wants to cook, he want to study art and see the Eiffel Tower at midnight. Mr F. Fox is one of those who escaped from Central Park Zoo, a cold and misty November morning a couple of years ago. He has an expensive taste in fine jewelry and champagne. He comes out at night as the park closes and if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of him up by 68th to 71st street"

All my latest illustrations comes with a story, this story above is from the illustration I´m working on at the moment.

I have been doing illustrations for some time now... I have been working mainly with my hand drawn sketches in "Photoshop" and "Illustrator" to make them with a glossy finish (you can check them out if you want to in my Showcase).

Right now I´m doing my Illustrations only by hand using pencils and a dash of watercolors.
My private illustrations is lifestyle based, inspired from fashion, art, vintage, places I have been, people I have met, my dreams and thoughts.
They are some times very personal, for me, maybe not visible for the naked eye, I think that is why I have a hard time sharing them and have a hard time finishing them. But sense this is the beginning of something new for me, with a new city, new people, new country and new home... I have decided it is time.

Soon you will meet Mr. F. Fox!


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