Saturday, 13 August 2011

I Got The Blues

The colour blue has not always been my favourite colour. But a couple of years ago I started glimpsing towards the ocean hue. Now, everywhere I look, especially in my wardrobe, there´s different shades of blue, aqua, marine, sea foam, you name it, I probably got it! Before, I always went for black if there was other options of colours to choose from, now I go directly for the blue one.
Here´s some of my newest addisons(plus some other blue colours chattered around the house, I have a thing for origami cranes, our home is flooded with them).
The TBA dress, I got in on the summer sale at ASOS, I absolutely feel in love with collar
who doesn't love blueberries!?
sailor jumper from Boutique by Jaeger, I´m a sucker for jailor collars. Have always had a fascination for uniforms and old edwardian children's wear with the pretty collars and bows...
... I guess this is my way to act it out
and my aqua blue clogs, they are so comfortable it´s almost scary, I can probably go out for a run in them... but I won't!


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