Thursday, 11 August 2011

Oslo Fashion Week: Armando Santos

Okey so, Oslo Fashion Week, my first show Armando Santos (cute guy).
The funny thing about these fashion weeks, where ever you go, it doesn't matter which city it´s in, you can always find these stereotypes among the crowd. 
You have the front row gals that´s trying to look as superior as is humanly possible (I don´t care for those), you have a small selection of friends/family/hardcore fans(they will be sure to wear the latest collection, or something from the previous collections with the designers label in the back), you have the asian students, the ones with way to high heels and way to big hats, the bloggers (happy to be in the third row) and then there is the boyfriends, with terrified eyes, wondering what the hell they are doing there...
Back to Armando Santos.
(I´m apologizing for poor quality on the pictures, I got a bit shoved around by a wine drinking lady sitting next
to me)
location, location, location...

in shades of lilac, grey and white, he had explored with different types of fabrics. With an exquisite eye for details, this dress was a perfect example on very good craftsmanship. 

translucent in the right places, some with crocheted details. Overall a very Norwegian feel, (what I could here) the all Scandinavian music helped along the way to a fresh runway show.

Me personally would have wanted more garments along the catwalk (I know Armando has worked blood sweat and tears for the collection, all designers do). But I wanted to see more... more outfits and a faster pace. I would also preferred a different hairstyle on the models, and actually I would have preferred them walking barefoot. But that´s just me!
I had to borrow an image on my favourite dress from the collection, so pretty!
photo taken by Dimitry K Valberg for Oslo Fashion Week website


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