Monday, 19 September 2011

apples, bicycles and sunshine

We took our bicycles(for what I think might be the last time before it gets to cold with a toddler in the back)out for a spin a couple of days ago(well to be honest it should be 2 weeks ago when I think about it). Anyway there is this glade with apple trees not to far from our home. Just a bike ride away!

We where thinking: "apple pies, apple jam, applesauce, apple cake"... It's always nice to peel some apples, chop them up and put them in the freezer if they are for free. I mean we can cook and bake "apple-whatever" all winter long!

So we picked some apples:
it was a pleasant bike ride with wonderful surroundings, as most times in Norway when out and about

well, the two male parts of the family started to pick apples as soon as there feet touched the ground
one of them was moving a little bit faster then the other...
... however not climbing as high...
... but, kudos for trying!
they where picking apples...
... and I, well, I ate them! But someone had to be in charge of the quality, right!? For the record they tasted excellent
did I mention that it was a beautiful day, summer came back for a few short hours that afternoon
Our bag was full with apples at the end, so we took our bicycles and headed home!

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