Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Tourist!

We had a day this weekend when we decided to go all tourists in our fairly new town.
A little sightseeing!
It was this beautiful day, the sun was shining, just perfect (I promise you we have had our fair share of rain since we moved over here, it has been crazy, London all over again) 
I think Norwegian people have a thing for avenues made out of trees, I think this might be their thing (in addition to cross country skiing and brown cheese of course)

Autumn is so beautiful in Scandinavia, I had almost forgot the changing colours and the not-warm-nor-cold- temperatures. But you just wait four months, my tone to Scandinavia will change, then it will be warnings for heavy swearing!

Perfect weather for me: flats, leggings or tights, a beret and good chances to take the sailor jacket off
Nice view overlooking the Oslo fjord
Since that time at the circus my son has been obsessed with elephants. Here's me trying to convince my son that the prospects of us finding an elephants that particular day was not that good... but... but! One could never know! Safe to say however, we did not meet any elephants that day! Unfortunately!

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