Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This time I won't go picture overload on you, I will try to make it simple and clean with a few details from my home, okay, okay! Here we go then...
On a shelf, as close to the ceiling as it gets, are four pretty french lemonade bottles that's just waiting to be used! Soon, very soon! Promise!
I've tried to make it all autumnal at home... which basically means switching some decor stuff to other decor stuff. So nothing major! But the photo above is typical of what have happened during the last few days at my house.
Our tomato plants have been moving inside as well, they are hiding behind the curtain in our living room. It's far too cold to sleep outside now days!
With autumn come darker days, so we get a lot of use for all our lamps and candle holders. O love it, I love lamps, more on that another time though. However these three beauties are hanging in our living room.

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