Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It is Orla Kiely again!

You might have seen Orla Kielys new lookbook, but it will never hurt to look again. As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Orla Kielys work, (I have been an admirer for years, in print, design, house ware, stationary...) When I lived in London I always visited the Covent Garden shop whilst in town (sadly never bought anything, my spending budget has always, always and unfortunately been very low). This season they have had a photo shoot at the London Zoo which made me love this season even more (if it even was possible). I love London Zoo, by sons first birthday was spent there, so it´s dear to my heart, he especially enjoyed those giraffes.
Anyway, now I'm just rambling, so here it is with now further ado a taste of Orla Kielys latest lookbook:

Photo source: Orla Kiely

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