Thursday, 15 September 2011

Finally a photo, soon to be more

Fear no more! My camera is starting to sort itself out, and it really should for that price, it should wash up the dishes too, if you ask me. NOTE TO NIKON: When you make the cameras so expensive in Europe, I want it to at least wash the dishes or sweep the floors as well. 
I´m just kidding Nikon, I love your products, I really do and I have used them for over 14 years (can you believe that, how old am I). My birthday is in July, just tell me if you need my address, hint, hint, blink, blink!

Anyway, I have lots of photos to go through, so you will soon join me at the circus and what not!
For now I leave you with a pic on my sons birthday cake, homemade, from scratch, with hippie dogs as candles.
you cant believe how fast does little tiny hands are. Unbelievable!

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