Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I love my inspirational folders that I have on my desktop (you´ll see), I have spent years collecting pictures from the web. Inspiration for decor, fashion, hair, makeup, interior, exterior, art, photoshoots, the list is very long, I can go on, and on!
Well, this is today's inspiration! How wonderful isn't Cher in this photos taken in the 60´s. LOVE IT
I love this photo, from the hair to the shoes and everything in between
unfortunately I don't have the proper source of these images either, tried to scout the web after the photographer, but I came up empty handed, sorry about that!
She´s so lovely!
Anyway, I have had a wonderful couple of days, that´s why it´s been a bit quit around here.
  • My dad came to visit (I ordered a Duty Free list, with Dior mascara, a new Gucci perfume and an Elizabeth Arden classical 8 hour cream, he found all of it, all by himself and when I asked what it cost, he said: "Oh, I don´t remember, don´t worry". How nice is that! I'm spoiled rotten!)
  • My son turned 3 years and we had a lovely day with lots of food, cake and presents (so, as it seems he is spoiled rotten too).
  • I had another job interview, maybe it didn't go to well, but at least it was one step in the right direction.
On the downside the rain was pouring down this weekend, all weekend. I haven´t spent to much time being dry, my mascara and hairspray ran down my cheeks, that might be one of the reasons my job interview didn't go to well. I should really invest in an umbrella!

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